Commercial External Cleaning

Cavalry Cleaning provide a wide range of commercial cleaning services that includes: post builders clean and high-level pressure-washing.

A good first impression can positively affect your customers opinion of your company. Give your company the best chance of success by ensuring customers are welcomed by a clean and presentable building.

Our external cleaning service can be delivered as a standalone service or as part of a more tailored solution.

Cladding Cleaning and restoration.jpg

CLadding cleaning & Restoration

Has your industrial facade started to degrade? Is the surface dull, flat with a white chalky finish? This is oxidisation. Our specialist deep clean can remove dirt and the effects of weathering and oxidisation thus reducing dilapidation claims.


Roof Cleaning

Roof moss and other organisms like mildew and algae are unsightly but not as destructive as some of the more aggressive bacteria than can seriously harm your roof and potentially cost you thousands.


gutter cleaning

Cavalry Cleaning offer a full gutter cleaning service. Using a professional gutter vacuum cleaning system combined with additional access platforms for larger buildings we can unblock down pipes, drains and repair leaks.

Brick and stonework cleaning.jpeg

brick & Stonework cleaning

Over time, bricks can become stained by oil, graffiti, paint or contain weeds and moss. Using our specialist cleaning equipment we can remove all traces of products that make your building visibly unappealing or that could cause potential damage.


chewing gum removal

No matter if its the entrance to a shop or a school playground chewing gum deposits look unsightly. We use a combination of pressure washing and steam to remove all traces before restoring the surface.

graffiti cleaning_northamptonshire.jpeg

graffiti removal

Graffiti - art or nuisance? Whatever your preference it can make your office, school or premises look poorly maintained. We use specialist treatments to remove all traces of spray paint.